Rentals Conditions

Dear Renter,

Thank you for choosing our bike rental service. We would like to bring your attention to an important aspect relating to the rental process. While we provide a reliable and well-maintained fleet of bicycles for you to enjoy, it is crucial to note that any damage caused to the bikes during the rental period will be the responsibility of the renter.

We take pride in offering top-notch service and ensure that all our bicycles are in impeccable working condition before each rental. However, accidents happen, and we understand that wear and tear can occur. To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable experience for all our customers, we kindly request that you treat the bike with care and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Inspect the bike before renting: Before you begin your ride, take a few moments to inspect the bicycle for any existing damage or issues. If you notice anything unusual, please inform us immediately to avoid any confusion later.
  1. Responsible usage: Ride the bike in a safe and responsible manner, adhering to traffic rules and regulations. Avoid rough terrains or areas where the bicycle may be more prone to damage.
  1. Secure parking: When not in use, please park the bike in a secure and designated area. Ensure that it is locked properly using the provided lock.
  1. Notify us of incidents: In the unfortunate event of a collision, theft, or any damage occurring during the rental period, please notify our team promptly. We will guide you through the process of resolving the situation.

We hope you have a fantastic experience exploring your surroundings on our rental bikes. If you have any questions or concerns, our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy riding!


The General Terms and Conditions details:

  1. The agreement between Cheapfiets and the Renter for the use of the Bicycle by the Renter as well as any other agreement between Cheapfiets and the Renter;
  2. General Terms and Conditions: These General Terms and Conditions that apply to every Subscription.
  3. Bicycle: The bicycle made available to the Renter by Cheapfiets on the basis of the Subscription for use by the Renter in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
  4. Renter of Tenant:Any natural person or legal entity who enters into a subscription with Cheapfiets.
  5. Cheapfiets: Cheapfiets, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 95, 9711HD Groningen and with Chamber of Commerce number 77136225.
  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every Subscription between Cheapfiets and Renter.
  2. All amounts mentioned by Cheapfiets include Value Added Tax (VAT).
  1. The Renter is provided with a Bicycle for the duration of the prepaid Subscription.
  2. The minimal prepaid subscription is 10 months.
  3. At the end of this period, Cheapfiets will charge of the price of daily rent if the renter does not bring the bicycle back on time. The daily rent costs 10(ten) euro per day.
  4. The  renter has to send email or to come to our shop to extend the rental period before the end date of the current contract.
  5. If the bicycle is returned before the date agreed upon the full rent is to be paid.
  6. The renter get back the deposit euro thirty if the bicycle has no damage and in good condition back.
  1. Renter rents the bicycle at his/her own risk.
  2. Copy of the renter identification ID of Passport and Student Card are required.
  3. The renter shall look after the rented bicycle with due care and attention.
  4. Renter is responsible for damage.
  5. The Bicycle is exclusively intended for personal use by the Renter.
  6. It is not permitted to be on the bicycle with more than 1 person.
  7. It is not permitted to loan or to rent the bicycle.
  8. The Bicycle remains at all times owned by Cheapfiets.
  9. The Renter is not permitted to establish or grant any (security) right to the Bicycle on behalf of a third party.
  10. Renter may not make any changes to the Bicycle that cannot be removed without damaging the Bicycle.
  11. Renter must be 18 years of age or older and able to take out a subscription.
  12. Minors can only take out a subscription with the permission of a parent or guardian.
  13. All the rent and the deposit must be paid at once in front.
  14. As the bicycle is equipped with behind wheel lock and chain lock, the renter must lock the bicycle with the two(2) locks always, and the chain lock has to be always attached to something immovable whenever the renter park.
  15. Renter is expected to have received the rented bicycle in good condition and clean.
  16. Renter is expected to have delivered the bicycle in good condition and clean.
  17. In case that the bicycle is not clean the renter has to pay euro thirty five.
  18. It is not permitted to drive on flat tire, if so the renter has to pay euro ten.
  19. The renter has to bring the bicycle to our shop for the service we provide.
  20. The renter shall pick up the bicycle to our location and bring it back at the end of rental period and always make appointment for that.
  21. The Renter must return the bicycle and the two keys to Cheapfiets before or on the end Date on the contract.
  22. The Renter is personally liable for compliance with the General Conditions.
  23. Dutch law applies to the Subscription and all the General Terms and Conditions.
  1. Cheapfiets takes care of a bicycle that is equipped with 2 locks (with a chain lock and a behind wheel lock) and working front light and working behind light. The price of the battery are not included on the service. 
  2. The lessor which is Cheapfiets is at all times empowered to call in the hired object after supposed misuse.
  1. In case of loss or theft of the bicycle, the Renter is obliged to report this to Cheapfiets within 24 hours to make a declaration  and make a report to the police and has to pay the current value of the bicycle loss of rent not being included, the current value is euro one hundred and fifty.
  2. If parts of the bicycle are missing or stolen, The renter has to pay the part of missing. Cheapfiets determine the price which is in our shop.
  3. If the Renter loses the two keys, they have to pay euro twenty-five.
  1. Renter is responsible for damage.
  2. Renter is therefore responsible for any damage to the rented bicycle and is to pay all the damaged parts.
  3. Renter is fully liable to damage caused to third parties.
  4. Cheapfiets has the right to check the bicycle in the state it is in. The renter is obliged to lend his cooperation to (on call from Cheapfiets) carrying out checks, modifications and maintenance.
  5. In the event of damage and wear of the bicycle other than what can be expected by normal use, Cheapfiets reserves the right to recover the costs thereof from the Renter.
  6. Cheapfiets is not liable for any damage suffered by the Renter as a result of the use of the Bicycle.
  7. The Renter is responsible for timely passing on any defects and / or damage to the Bicycle.
  1. It is a prepaid subscription, the Renter is required to pay all the rent and the deposit upfront by cash or by pin of online payment.
  2. The online payment is only for VISA, Credit and Mastercard card and the charge fee is euro five.
  3. At the start of the rental period, the tenant owes a deposit to Cheapfiets, it is thirty euro.
  4. At the end of the rental period, the deposit will be refunded to the renter, unless the bicycle is damaged. In that case Cheapfiets is entitled to settle the damage with the deposit.
  5. Upgrade of the bike cost ten euro. Upgrade is also changing another bike after minimum of one week of use of the bike without defect of bike.
  1. If the Renter starts using a Bicycle, this will be interpreted as proof that it is functioning properly and shows no defects.
  2. If the Renter has any doubts about the safety of the Bicycle, direct contact must be made with Cheapfiets on the day of the delivery of the bicycle.
  1. Cheapfiets has the right to terminate the Subscription in the whole or in a part with immediate effect or to cancel it by means of a written email of verbally notice to the Renter if:
  2. The Renter is in default with the fulfillment of his obligations under the Subscription.
  3. In the opinion of Cheapfiets, the renter abuses the service offered by Cheapfiets;
  4. Tenant intentionally incorrect information.
  1. Cheapfiets processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you provide these to us yourself. Below you will find an overview of the personal data that we process.

First and last name, Address details (street, house number, postcode, town), 
Telephone number, 
E-mail address, 
Date of birth 
Rental period, 
Wish start of renting

  1. processes your personal data for the following purposes.
  2. To be able to call or e-mail you if this is necessary to be able to perform our services.
  3. Offer you the possibility to subscribe to reserve a bike for rent.
  4. For sending a  news latter after you have explicitly given your own consent by entering your name and e-mail address on the website
  1. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions are announced at least one month before the commencement date by means of a notice on the website
  2. Cheapfiets has the right to transfer its claims against the Renter for any reason whatsoever to third parties.