Who we are?

Cheapfiets rent bicycles for everyone for a long-term period in the Stad Groningen mainly for students and ERASMUS students.

What if I want to return the bicycle earlier?

You can always bring back the bike before the term of your rental period.

How do I order my bicycle?

Sign up online and you get an automatic email to invite you to confirm your subscription. You come to our shop to finalize your bike rental.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is six (6) or ten (10)months.

How do i pay?

We keep it very simple:

  • You can pay by Cash.
  • You pay all the rent and the deposit  upfront.
  • For VISA, MasterCard, American Express we charge a fee of 2% of the total amount.

What if the bike gets stolen?

If the bike gets stolen, you report the theft to the police first and in addition, you pay euro one hundred and fifty(€150). You will get another bike to use until you reach your rental period.

Is there any waiting list?

On our website, we always announce if there is a waiting list. Normally you get your bicycle as soon as possible.

Can i extend my contract?

Sure you can always extend your bicycle rental period.

What is inclusive Service?

We take care of the technical problems of your bicycle. Any damage has to be paid by the renter

Do i have to pay deposit?

Yes, you pay deposit euro thirty per bicycle.

What happens if the bike is damaged?

If there is something wrong with your bike, like flat tire you can always come to the shop and we will repair it for free. But if you damage some parts  then you have to pay the parts broken and we will put it for you for free.

More questions?

You can write to us: info@studentbikegroningen.com

 Or  just come to the shop.